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Imagine Yoga by the Sea 
"every contact with every human being is an opportunity for growth..."   ---Deepak Chopra  

Advanced registration is required for all workshops, as a tremendous amount of effort goes into the planning and teaching of them. Please register early!

Pratyahara ~ withdrawing of the senses

Sunday, January 15, 2017 
Living Fit Yoga, Seaside

Workshop Booklist:
Bernard Bouanchaud.  The Essence of Yoga  Portland, OR: Rudra Press, 1997
TKV Desikachar.  The Heart of Yoga  Rochester, VT: Inner Traditions International, 1995
David Frawley.  Yoga & Ayurveda  Twin Lakes, WI: Lotus Press, 1999
Gertrud Hirschi.  Mudras  York Beach, Maine: Samuel Weiser, Inc., 2000
Swami Muktibodhananda.  Hatha Yoga Pradipika  Bihar, India: Yoga Publications Trust, 1993
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