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Imagine Yoga by the Sea 
" carry all the ingredients to turn your existence into joy, mix them!"   ---Hafiz

My yoga foundation lies in the Iyengar tradition ~ an emphasis on alignment, safety, and body awareness. However, before and since graduating from Pacific Yoga Teacher Training in 2001-2002, I've attended many workshops and teacher training courses over the years enabling me to enhance what I already know and further my learning as I follow my personal path. 

So, my current teaching "style" is a mix of many traditions and influences. Below, is a selected list of respected and nationally-recognized teachers whose knowledge and experience I continually draw from:
Shiva Rea  (
Sharon Gannon & David Life  (
Rod Stryker  (
Sarahjoy Marsh (​
Tiffany Cruikshank  (
Bhagavan Das  (
Sarah Powers  (
Alan Finger  (
Donna Farhi  (
Darren Main  (
David Frawley  (
Dona Holleman  (

In addition, I read alot of books ~ yoga-inspired and otherwise. I view a great deal of exceptional films and I listen to many different genres of music. These inspirations all help to inform my teaching style.

For a selection of recommended reading, favorite music, and interesting tid-bits, click here

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