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Imagine Yoga with Lorri 
"Why think of liberation at some future time? Liberation is in little things, here and now  ---B.K.S. Iyengar  

I received formal teacher training (200-hr) from Pacific Yoga (Seattle) in 2001-2002, with Kathryn Payne and Theresa Elliott ( I am grateful to these gifted teachers for their vast yoga knowledge and their dedication to yoga as an art and practice. Their personal teaching styles were very different even though they came from a similar yoga base ~ Iyengar. They taught me a great deal about yoga, yes. But they also taught me the art of teaching and how to be a good teacher (if I do say so myself...!).

Soon after graduating, I was very fortunate to meet an influential and long-time Seattle yogini, Kat Allen, while attending a Pacific Yoga grads get-together at the home of one of my classmates. Kat owned a well-respected local studio called Kaya Yoga in the Seward Park neighborhood and needed someone to fill-in for a summer-vacationing teacher. I agreed to the "sub" request, since I felt I needed all the practical experience I could get and the rest, they say, is history. 

The following year, Kaya Yoga studio was sold to another local yogini, Maia Laverty ~ she re-named the studio Lotus Yoga ( Through the transition of new business names and owners I continued teaching a weekly class on Sunday mornings that I dubbed "Serenity". The gentle class became quite popular and attendance quickly grew. However, Lotus Yoga made a move to a different location and I had to follow another dream...

So, when after a while I decided to open my own yoga studio south of Seattle, the dream of Imagine Yoga was born. I always kept a "Sunday Serenity" class on the schedule. Now, although the studio storefront of Imagine Yoga has closed its doors and I now live by the sea in breathtakingly beautiful Oregon, I'm still teaching group and private yoga sessions at local studios and recovery centers along the north coast.

Check my schedule - I look forward to meeting you!

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