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Imagine Yoga by the Sea ~ with Lorri 
"...lead with the heart..." ---Lorri, heard in just about every one of her classes  

Here's a list of descriptions for my current and/or recent group yoga class offerings. Some may be offered in the near future, so please check back often for changes.

If you are looking to add yoga classes to your studio or gym schedule, I may be available to teach. Please email me.

For more options, visit the Private Instruction page. 

Yoga Awareness ~ a gentle all-levels class 
Designed for the beginning student, avid practitioners looking for a mild flow, those recovering from injury, or those seeking refuge from the day-to-day stresses of life, this class nurtures the whole being. We utilize mindful movement techniques, occasional chanting (don't worry, not required...!), pranayama ~ otherwise known as breathwork, wisdom teachings and readings, brief meditation, aromatherapy, and fabulous world music. No class is exactly alike ~ we emphasize different aspects of the yoga practice each time we meet. If you're new to Yoga and/or the Living Fit Yoga studio, Sunday Yoga Awareness is a great way to introduce yourself to the many benefits of both and it's appropriate for all experience levels. 
Join me next year (2018) on Sunday mornings at Living Fit Yoga in Seaside

Meditation in Motion ~ an all-levels vinyasa class 
A morning Flow class to get the body moving while decreasing the "monkey" mind. We will refine basic poses and revisit fundamentals when necessary. Move to the breath and join in the fun!
Not currently offered.

Beginning Yoga ~ fundamentals 
If you are new to yoga or have been away for awhile and want to get back to the basics, this is a great class choice. Here is where I expand the content of my Intro series (description below) and continue to explore the mind-body connection through movement inquiry and breathwork. Focus on specific postures, energetic qualities, and general benefits to a regular yoga practice. Strengthen your knowledge of alignment, practice safe and mindful movement techniques, and learn to develop a home practice. Some yoga experience is helpful, but not necessary.
Private instruction available. 

Friday Surrender ~ a 3-week restorative series
This is an all-levels class series designed to help you unwind from your busy week and prepare for a relaxing weekend. Low-impact movement, long-held yoga postures, extensive breath work, soothing music, and meditation will all help to ease the mind, relax the body, and get you in touch with your true nature. Some yoga experience is helpful, but not required. Ninety minutes of bliss!
Not currently offered.

Morning Flow ~ an all-levels vinyasa class 
Start your day with a class designed to emphasize safety, alignment, and technical expertise. Sometimes chock-full of challenge ~ sometimes slow, methodical, and restorative. This class often delves deeply into a specific posture ~ think repeated sequences using maybe Trikonasana or Virabhadrasana II. Or sometimes we focus on an area of the body ~ think hips, shoulders, etc. We practice pranayama (breath work) techniques and basic meditation techniques. Sometimes we chant, sometimes we don't ~ and always, we try to flow. Flow describes different things for different people, but for me, flow is a style I teach ~ a gentle Vinyasa Flow tradition where the movement of the postures is always coordinated with and initiated by the breath ~ a synergy of motion, breath and awareness. This all-levels class is suitable for the seasoned yogi or for those who have had some previous experience with yoga. Modifications are offered for the beginner. 
​Private instruction available.

Introduction to Hatha Yoga  ~ a 6-week series for beginners
As the title of this series implies, if you're absolutely new to yoga or you want to re-discover the art and science of yoga, this class is designed for you. We will explore the fundamentals of a yoga practice including postures, breath work, philosophy, focus, and relaxation. You'll learn basic alignment principles and movement techniques and we'll explore the mind-body connection. Prior yoga experience is not necessary. This is a great way to meet new friends!
Private instruction available.

Gentle Yoga & Meditation ~ for beginners
Using restorative yoga asana and guided meditation, we will focus on relaxation and rejuvenation - from the inside. If you are experiencing stress in your life and would like to learn simple ways to unwind, join us for a special opportunity to help de-stress for the weekend. 
Private instruction available.

Back Care Basics ~ a 4- or 6-week series 
Help restore confidence in your everyday movements. In this series, you will learn about 'the core' ~ what it is and how to strengthen it. We'll look at basic anatomy of the spine and explore the connection between the core and the low back. Utilizing basic yoga postures to help strengthen muscles and improve flexibility, we will also learn simple, yet effective physical therapy techniques to help prevent common back injuries. This series is designed for anyone who would like to avoid back problems and/or those who already deal with back injuries and want to deepen their knowledge of back care. There will be some lecture time in each session. No yoga experience is necessary. This class is not recommended for those diagnosed with disc injuries or those who are experiencing severe muscle spasms and/or pain.
If you are interested in taking this course at your home or office space, please visit 
the Private Instruction page and contact me via e-mail or phone.

Yoga Nidra ~ a 3-week series 
Explore the powerful relaxation technique of Yoga Nidra ~ a rejuvenating, yet calming way to jump-start your weekend. Experience a profound quieting of the mind as well as the body through a systematic technique of deep, conscious relaxation. This series is designed for anyone and yoga experience is not necessary. However, we will take a few moments before each Yoga Nidra session to decrease physical tensions with a brief asana practice. For comfort, bring a blanket and if you already have a yoga mat, please bring it along. Each session is an experience unto itself. You can choose to purchase the whole series of 3 sessions or sign up for individual sessions depending on your schedule and personal needs. In any case, advance registration is required.  
If you are interested in taking this course at your home or office space, please visit 
the Private Instruction page and contact me via e-mail or phone.

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